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Awards & News

July 6, 2021: American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has published a report co-authored by CTPP Director Tim Nichols: Cost imposition in the contact layer: Special operations forces and great-power rivalry

August 2, 2020:  Small Wars Journal has published an article by CTPP Director Tim Nichols: Sending Special Operations Forces into the Great-Power Competition

Three CTPP Fellows Win 2020 Army War College Writing Awards

June 2020: Congratulations to COL Butler, COL Croot and COL Gomlak for their exceptional research and writing that distinguishes them as significant contributors of ideas and historical perspectives pertaining to national security. You can read more about their distinction here.

The Commandant’s Award for Distinction in Research
COL Dave Butler: Beyond Belief – When Conspiracies Are More Believable Than Truth: Battling the Kinetic Counter Narrative in Combat

The AWC Colonel Francis J. Kelly Special Operations Writing Award
COL Ed Croot: There is an Identity Crisis in Special Forces: Who are the Green Berets Supposed to Be?

Colonel and Mrs. T. Bristol History Writing Award
COL Matt Gomlak: A Thousand Dead Indian Horses: Soldiering in a Complex Environment


COL Jamie Cogbill’s Research is Published in Joint Forces Quarterly

COL Jamie Cogbill, CTPP Fellow 2018-19, recently had the short version of his research paper, America First ≠ America Alone: Morocco as Model Counterterrorism Partner,  published in Joint Forces Quarterly. Read the published paper here. Congratulations Jamie!



Writing Awards: May 2019

Congratulations to COL Jamie Cogbill for winning first place in the 2019 CJCS National Defense & Military Strategy Essay Contest (1.5K word maximum) for the short version of his research paper on Tunisia. The competition challenges students at joint professional military education institutions to research and write scholarly essays about significant aspects of national defense and military strategy. Jamie’s paper will be published in the Joint Forces Quarterly this fall. Jamie’s full length research paper, America First ≠ America Alone: Morocco as Model Counterterrorism Partner, can be read here.

Congratulations to COL Mike Rose for winning an AWC writing award for his research paper 21st Century Statecraft and the Return of Great Power Competition: An Interagency Framework for NonTraditional Threats. Winning papers are exceptionally well-written; clarify understanding and articulately review, integrate, and perhaps evaluate the present state of knowledge; clearly demonstrate superior communication of ideas through the written word; are well-grounded, interesting, articulate contributions to discourse on a topic or issue.



Duke University Interviews 2016-2017 Fellows on their Experience at Duke 



Legalized Marijuana Presents Recruiting Dilemma for US Military 

2014-2015 Duke CTPP Fellow, COL David Shafer, works with Sanford MPP group on Army enlistment policy in an age of legalized marijuana: “An Army officer at the local recruiting officer is talking to an 18-year-old, a physically fit high school graduate with good grades and a clean record, who is eager to enlist. But he also uses marijuana. If the recruiting office is in Colorado, where recreational marijuana use is legal but still against federal law, the Army loses a promising recruit….” [more]



Navy Officer Gains New Perspective In Counterterrorism Fellowship

“U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Chavius Lewis completed a 2015 Counterterrorism and Public Policy Fellowship at the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy. During his time at Duke, Lewis explored the feasibility of employing merchant vessels for offshore presence and launch of U.S. military operations….” [more]



U.S.A. Today quotes COL(P) Ron Clark (2013-2014 Fellow) and the need for more diversity among senior Army officers.

“WASHINGTON–Command of the Army’s main combat units–its pipeline to top leadership–is virtually devoid of black officers, according to interviews, documents, and data… ” [more]



COL Ron Clark (2013-2014 Fellow) addresses the need for more African Americans in the Infantry and Armor branches of the U.S. Army.

COL Ronald Clark, Counterterrorism and Public Policy Fellow at the Sanford School, is researching reasons for the dearth of African American senior officers in the U.S. Army Infantry and Armor branches. Calling the imbalance a “tyranny in numbers,” Clark hopes his research can lead to significant reforms. [more]



CAPT (Sel.) Jamie Sands (2013-2014 Fellow) reflects on “The Personal Impact of Long Wars on our Military Leadership

I woke to the sound of my cell phone ringing early on a Saturday morning. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and braced myself for what I knew would be bad news on the other end of that line. I didn’t know yet, but this time there was nothing I could do to be ready. A fellow SEAL officer and close friend of 25 years responded to my “hello?” and got right to business. [more]



Program Brings National Security Fellows to Duke – Jackie Ogburn, Sanford School of Public Policy