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Academic Program

There are three components to the academic program.  First, Fellows will audit a minimum of five courses during the academic year.  One course per semester has been designed for Fellows:  in the fall, a course on National Security Decisionmaking, and, in the spring, a course on Intelligence for National Security.  Each fellow will then select three other electives (usually two in the fall and one in the spring).    Fellows may select graduate level or upper level undergraduate courses at Duke University.  Cross-registration for classes at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will also be available.  Fellows will also participate in a two-semester research symposium designed exclusively for them to explore topical areas in more depth, interact with faculty, and support the research process.  Finally, Fellows will enjoy special access to the rich calendar of special events, lectures by scholars and practitioners, and conferences that take place each semester at Duke and other neighboring universities.  Whenever possible, small group sessions will be arranged for the Fellows to interact with these special visitors.

To complement to the academic program, Fellows will be asked to participate in a “writing boot camp” early in the fall semester.  This program will refresh writing skills in areas such as policy papers, book reviews, and academic research writing.